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Using input fields in user testing

How to use input fields in your next prototype.

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Diversity, community and collaboration – an interview with Azendoo’s Luc Chaissac

From Bordeaux France, Luc Chaissac spends his days as a product designer at Azendoo – a smart workflow and tracking tool for teams.

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Let your designs speak for themselves

When going to battle for our design, we’re missing an opportunity to let our ideas speak for themselves.

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Interview: How Sprout Social use Atomic

Based in Chicago, IL, Justin Siddons works as a product designer currently focused on mobile at social media engagement platform Sprout Social.

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Embracing Creative Challenges

Designer, writer & Atomic user Daniel Schwarz shares his perspective on the value of creative challenges

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The Art of Openness

Being open to feedback isn’t about facilitating the ‘average’ of everyone’s thoughts.

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Easing into advanced animation

Easing is at that heart of creating smooth, fluid transitions. If you’re creating prototypes that go beyond a basic state change, it’s crucial to understand easing.

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Every prototype is a test

Three simple questions you should ask every time you prototype

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Rotterdam Dribbble Meetup

Our trip down to the Rotterdam dribbble meetup

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Tips for prototyping smarter

Get more from your prototyping in Atomic

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What job is design hired to do?

And why the answer keeps changing.

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The Past, Present and Future of Design Tools

What lies ahead for design tools?

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2015: Product Design Year in Review

Catch up on the biggest news in product design this year

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Prototyping isn’t about hitting home runs

Is prototyping a part of your everyday workflow yet?

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Here's to dopey ideas

Great designers know that shared ideas stand the greatest chance

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Why we started Atomic

The answer is simple.

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Launching our weekly design newsletter

Our journey so far creating Product Design Weekly.

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