Made with Atomic #3

Femke van Schoonhoven

With our new Advanced Motion Control feature out a few weeks ago, we wanted to showcase some slick prototypes that are using the motion timeline.

Borrowhood by Michael

Borrowhood is a cute little prototype for sharing things with friends in your neighbourhood. Request something from a neighbour, let people borrow from you and remove things from your item list.

“This was a small demo I built to pitch high school students an app prototyping class that I’ll be teaching. We’ll be using Atomic because it’s easy to access and students can immediately jump into building and testing designs. Borrowhood is an idea that arose during a short sprint I did around the idea of social responsibility and consumer resources while working on an ecommerce project.” - Michael

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Card Animations by Joseph

This simple card animation pushes our new Advanced Motion Control feature to the limit. Click the circle and be entranced as elements animate on the page in front of you over a span of five seconds.

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Buddies by Zachary

A super cute illustration, Buddies by Zachary made our faces smile :)

“Atomic’s integration of easing functions eliminates the time I’d waste tweaking keyframe nodes; instead, I can focus on my core idea and see what works and what doesn’t. Are these shapes the right choice? Is this transition appropriate? What properties are variables and which are constants? It’s liberating. It’s a nice little playground I can have open in a browser tab and pop into whenever I have an idea.” - Zachary

See it in action

Photo app by Sven

Photo app lets you swipe through a couple of onboarding states, before logging in to the service.

“Being a freelance UX/UI designer, prototyping tools are essential in showcasing work to clients. I discovered Atomic a few weeks ago and was amazed how intuitive and easy to learn the interface was.” - Sven

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Make sure you @mention us on Twitter with a link to your design if you’d like the chance to be featured. You can also check out our Community to see what’s happening in Atomic, or share your prototype for feedback.

Posted 23 September 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.