Made with Atomic - August '15

Femke van Schoonhoven

While we’ve been busy putting the puzzle pieces together behind the scenes, building Atomic, you have been making some impressive prototypes. We’ve selected some of our favorite prototypes and rounded them up to showcase to you.

If you’re unsure of how the prototype was made, open the preview or feel free to get in touch with the designer via Twitter. Looking for more transition examples? We recently released some more prototype sample files.

Access Money by Ndubuisi

Access Money takes you through logging into your bank account, topping up your balance, seeing your spending for the month and accessing your account settings. A great prototype that explore multiple transitions.

“Building (on Atomic) you can do a whole lot of things - the only limit being the extent of your imagination. I also love the fact that I could transfer assets from Photoshop directly to Atomic seamlessly with just a few keyboard shortcuts, and target these elements individually with respect to interactivity and animation.” - Ndubuisi

See it in action

Android App by Mattia

This Android App prototype by Mattia demonstrates a few states of a music app. Explore the menu, listen to music and browse the playlist.

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DO - A test by Mattia

Another prototype by Mattia is DO, which demonstrates the transition from a login state a the signup state. Take a look to see this smooth transition in the link below.

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Make sure you @mention us on Twitter with a link to your design if you’d like the chance to be featured.

You can also check out our Community to see what’s happening in Atomic, or share your prototype for feedback.

Posted 17 August 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.