February in Product Design Weekly

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Product Design Weekly has long been a passionate side project of ours. Since its’ beginning in 2014, our mission with PDW has always been to curate inspiring ideas, thoughtful articles and news for product designers.

From the debate on whether designers should study business, to inside Facebook’s ambitious plan to connect the world February was a hot month. We even saw some interesting discussions amongst designers, including whether Uber’s redesign was under-considered to Facebook’s launch of reactions.

A few of the articles that were the most popular this month were:

IBM Design Thinking

IBM up their design game with a new manifesto on their approach to understanding people and delivering outcomes at enterprise scale.

The Next Big Thing in Design

IDEO has joined a creative collective called kyu. Tim Brown explains how it will help keep them at the forefront of design practice, and what that looks like – “Those are the edges of design and it’s where we feel a gravitational pull.”

Dan Grover is back with another installment of his thoughts on UI design in China – It’s a fascinating glimpse into something that can feel quite impenetrable. To get some understanding of the size of the market, WeChat had more mobile transactions over the Chinese new year period than Paypal had in all of 2015.

Unflattening Design

“A confident designer with a flat perspective is usually heading straight to the land of missed opportunities.” Intercom designer Julien Zmiro, discusses better understanding the problems you’re solving and suggests a lot depends on how we use our perspective.

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Posted 1 March 2016

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