Atomic is out of beta!

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Today we’re excited to be officially launching Atomic.

Over the past ten months as we’ve gone from idea, to closed and then open beta, we’ve talked with thousands of amazing people and learned from their incredible insights.

What we’ve learned has allowed us to constantly tweak and improve Atomic, making it better each day. We have shipped over 400 software releases this year alone.

Our goal is to produce a truly next generation design tool. We want to help designers and their teams to redefine their workflow in exciting new ways, rather than have their workflow defined by the limitations of their current tools.

We believe that combining design, prototyping, collaboration and feedback is key to achieving this, and we’ve spent a lot of time building the foundations to do this in Atomic.

Design has become an essential function inside every modern software business, and is destined to become a major software category. Atomic has over 30,000 beta users and many thousands more reviewing their designs, and we’ve only just begun.

The world’s most recognisable brands are using Atomic to create interactive prototypes without ever touching a line of code. It’s powerful, insanely fast and even runs in the browser, so there’s nothing to install and available everywhere. We’re determined to make prototyping more available to designers, and design more available to everyone.

We’re excited to move Atomic out of beta today – it’s a small but important step towards our dream of creating the world’s best design platform.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey - sign up for your free trial today.

Posted 16 September 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.