Advanced Motion Control now in Atomic

Jarred Bishop

One of the things our users tell us they love most about prototyping in Atomic is how easy it is to create animated transitions. Today we’re excited to release new Advanced Motion Control capabilities that let designers take what they’ve been creating to next level.

When we first released the ability to add animation to prototypes earlier on this year we had a hunch that it was just the beginning of what we could offer. Pretty soon designers started asking for finer control over the transitions they were crafting. They wanted control at a more atomic level (see what we did there?).

After talking with some of our most loyal users, developing and testing prototypes with them, we were able to narrow down on a solution that we think gives designers a lot more control, while still being very easy to learn and use.

Introducing advanced Advanced Motion Control. You can now adjust the delay, duration and easing of individual elements on a simple and familiar timeline, complete with in-editor playback, timeline scrubbing and a comprehensive set of easing options.

The new motion controls in Atomic make it super easy to add fine grain control and polish to your animations.

- David Buck, Design Director at Bank of New Zealand

Advanced Motion Control lets you craft beautiful transitions and nuanced mobile interactions. We’re really excited that this feature is available from today - you can start using it right now. We can’t wait to see what you create with it.

Have a look at our documentation, or check out this sample file to get started.

Posted 8 September 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.