10+ updates and improvements

Femke van Schoonhoven

We’ve had some big releases earlier this year like Teams and Variables. While these releases have been hugely beneficial for our customers, that hasn’t stopped our appetite for continuing to release improvements and enhancements to Atomic.

Over the past month we’ve released a series of small enhancements to improve the workflow of our customers.

Faster page switching and organization

The pages and layers panel are the bare-bones structure to any Atomic prototype. Our customers create, duplicate and reorder their pages and layers multiple times while structuring their prototype. We’ve released a series of enhancements to help manage the pages and layers within prototypes, to help make organization easier.

Reordering pages is super smooth


Have a large prototype that needs reorganizing? Select and drag the page you’d like to reorder – if you drag it to the top or bottom, a handy arrow will appear to help you speed through the pages in your prototype.

New pages and layers switcher


Busy in your layers panel? You can now easily switch the page you’re on with the new page switcher, without having to touch the pages panel at all.

Additional navigation shortcuts

Get a quick glimpse of the flow of your pages by using . and , to navigate to the next/previous page in your prototype. This keyboard shortcut works for both the editor and preview mode.

Better page alignment


In the past it’s been easy to align or distribute multiple elements to one another. Now you can align and distribute a single element or group to the page canvas. Just select your element or group, then select the align or distribute option of your choice.

Easier browsing and filtering


Quickly scan for Components, Data sources and Archived items – which are now displayed in a list-view. You can also use the new filter and search functionality so you can quickly find exactly what you need.

Improvements to hover states

Mouse-out and Click hotspots can now be of equal size and placed directly on top of one another and still function in preview. This makes it much easier to create hover states that also support click events.

More control in user testing sessions

Using prototypes for user testing sessions is a great way to get feedback and test your interactions. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our support for user testing in order to enable you with a prototype that feels and looks like the real thing. These two enhancements help make your prototypes feel more real than ever.

Disabling hotspot hints


During a user testing session there’s nothing more frustrating than a user being influenced by hotspot hints. You can now disable the hotspot hints in share links by checking the box when creating the link, or by adding ?hidehints=true to any existing share link.

Add sharpness to input fields


For certain fonts that display differently when Sharpness is applied, it’s now possible to add sharpness to any text within an input field.

Making your experience with Atomic even smoother

When presenting, testing or pitching prototypes it’s important to have smooth performance. To continue supporting a fast preview we’ve rolled out several improvements. Here’s a roundup of recent additions to help enable a smoother review performance:

We’ve got a lot more improvements and enhancements in the works. Is there something in particular you’d like to see us work on next? Just let us know on Twitter.

Posted 11 July 2017

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