Starting a prototype in Atomic has never been faster

Importing images into Atomic that you have created in tools like Sketch or Photoshop has always been easy. You can drag and drop (or browse and select) one or more images and they’re added to your current page instantly.

Drag and drop images into Atomic

You can also easily drag and drop directly from the layers panel in Sketch, saving the step of exporting. This is especially great if you’re bringing across designs which are still evolving because it’s fast and painless.

Tip: Want an image to be easily scaleable once in Atomic? Select an Artboard or Layer in Sketch, make it exportable as SVG, then drag it from the Layers panel into Atomic.

We’ve just taken that easy workflow and made it faster and smarter

From today, when importing multiple images you can tell Atomic to place each image onto its own –new and perfectly sized– page in your current design.

Atomic multi-page import

You’ve instantly created an entire basic, prototype in one step.

This is super useful when you want to quickly share a flow you’re working on for feedback, before diving deeper into a more advanced prototype.

What next? Grab the share link and send it to your team - they can jump in with comments or keep an eye on the prototype as you evolve it.

Anyone reviewing your design on their desktop can use the left/right arrow keys, or navigation buttons in the share link to move through your prototype. If you’re sending your link out for review on mobile devices, drop some hotspots into your pages so reviewers can navigate around.

Working your way with Atomic

Next up we’re releasing our Sketch plugin, to make designing in Sketch and prototyping in Atomic even smarter. Stay tuned for that!

If you are already at a point where team collaboration is held back because not everyone has the right files, desktop software or fonts, find out more about the drawing and layout tools in Atomic.

If you’re moving beyond prototyping with basic page-based transitions and simple overlays, see how our our Advanced Motion Timeline can help you level-up.

What do you want to see next? Drop us a note in the Atomic Facebook group or hit us up on Twitter.

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Posted 16 May 2016

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.