New icon fonts, interaction triggers and more

We’re happy to share a host of features and improvements added to Atomic over the last month. See what’s new, and get a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Font Awesome and Google’s Material icon fonts

Over 1,200 quality icons are now at your fingertips – just select them from the font dropdown, then copy and paste from the icon lists provided.

New interaction triggers

Prototype a wider range of behaviours with the new hover, double tap, tap and hold or right click interactions. Look out for more touch-friendly gestures coming soon.

Reorder pages with drag and drop

Organising larger multi-page designs and prototypes just got easier. Drag, drop and rearrange to your heart’s content.


Stay tuned for some exciting new features coming down the pipes, like mobile gestures and the ability to finetune your animated transitions, with control over individual easings, timings and delays. Here’s a sneak peek.


Posted 3 July 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.