New in Atomic: Device previews

Eileen Schwab Device Preview

Automatic device previews are here

When you’re working on a design for a watch, mobile or tablet it’s often helpful to see how your design will look when displayed on an actual device. Sure, you can preview your Atomic design instantly by sharing a preview link, but what about the devices you don’t have in front of you?

Atomic now displays a simple, subtle device frame around your design when you preview it or share the link. The devices will automatically show when you use one of our preset mobile or tablet sizes, so there’s nothing to configure. Because you won’t want a device preview when you’re reviewing your design on a mobile or tablet, Atomic is smart about when to hide it too.

Thanks to everyone who let us know they wanted this, we’re always grateful for feedback and suggestions. Got ideas? Head over to the Atomic Facebook Group and let us know.

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Posted 9 November 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.