New Advanced Motion Control, video tutorial and sample files

Femke van Schoonhoven

With our launch recently, we wanted to share some of the things our team has been working on lately. Read on to hear about our new Advanced Motion Control, hotspot tutorial video and more minor fixes and improvements.


Advanced Motion Control

New in Atomic, Advanced Motion Control lets you craft beautiful transitions and nuanced mobile interactions. We’re really excited that this feature is now available and can’t wait to see what you create with it. We’ve already been seeing some great prototypes being shared on Twitter. Make sure you use the hashtag #madewithatomic for the chance to be featured on our upcoming showcase.

New hotspot tutorial video

Still need a hand wrapping your head around how to use hotspots and create basic transitions in Atomic? We’ve created a quick walk through video to help get you started.

More sample files

If you’re looking for more sample files to see how different transitions work, we’ve updated our library. Just copy them into your own account to see the mechanics behind how they work.

Fixes and improvements:

Posted 21 September 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.