iOS Kit now available in Atomic

Jarred Bishop

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Introducing the free Atomic iOS UI Kit for iPhone

Sometimes speed matters more than anything. To help you explore your ideas more quickly, we’ve put together a library of iOS design components. With the time you save using these elements, hopefully you can spend more time iterating, sharing and exploring.

You’ll find the free iOS Kit for iPhone ready and waiting for you in the Samples project we created for you. Check out our iOS Kit for iPhone help information for tips on how to use it.

We’ve also shipped enhancements recently like improving copy and paste, adding the ability to duplicate a design and adding element group/ungroup controls. There’s lots more still to come.

We’d love your help spreading the news about the UI Kit by sharing the link to our UI Kit info page if you think people you know might like to try it.

If you’re not already using Atomic, sign-up to a 30 day free trial and start exploring.

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Posted 17 November 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.