iOS App for Atomic

Rus Werner


At Atomic we’re about giving you the speed, scale and visibility to transform your design practice.

To help do just that, we’re introducing the new native iOS App for Atomic. Download it free on the App Store and get one step closer to faster prototyping and iteration. Along with desktop preview, the iOS App can be used for viewing and testing your prototypes.

A more realistic feel

When it comes to speed there’s nothing faster than previewing your mobile prototype on your own device. Atomic already lets designers demonstrate their intent clearly. Now anyone can get an even more realistic feel for how design solutions help solve problems, just by using their own device.

A preview experience for everyone

The iOS App for Atomic is not just for designers. There are many people who need access to prototypes on the go; executives, customers, testers and anyone else involved in the product evolution. That’s why anyone can use the iOS App to view a share link and get a quick status update on progress.

If you already have an Atomic account you’ll be able to preview all your projects, prototypes and components after logging in. Any prototypes that have been shared with you will also be accessible from within the App.

Get the Atomic iOS app here

Posted 3 November 2016

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.