Introducing Scrolling and Masking in Atomic

New: Scrolling and Masking with Containers

We’ve introduced a new and special type of element in Atomic called a Container. Containers let you create scrollable regions and masked elements in your prototypes, without the need to resort to hacks or tricks.

Containers can be set to scroll horizontally, vertically or both. You can create multiple scrollable regions on a page, and even nest one inside another.

Containers can also be used to mask any element, or set of elements. Container masks can be animated to hide and reveal elements during page transitions, and can be used with static images, animated gifs and any other elements in your design.

To get started with containers watch the tutorial video or read our documentation on using Containers for scrolling or masking in the Help Center.

If you’re not already using Atomic, sign-up to a 30 day free trial and start exploring.

Posted 3 February 2016

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.