Designing better, together


Have you ever tried sharing your Photoshop or Sketch files with other designers and team members? If so, you’ll know the pain of conflicted files and how numerous versions of a file can quickly get out of sync and become hard to manage.

In Atomic we’ve made it easy to invite people in to access the same projects, so they can design right alongside you. You can even edit the same design at the same time as someone else, without fear of conflicts. Forget about syncing files, or exporting comps. No more waiting for uploads and dealing with loads of unnecessary reviewer comments.

There’s so many situations where this can be useful. Maybe another designer in your team has time to help you out. Perhaps your copywriter is keen to work on their suggestions in-situ. Maybe you want to work with a team-mate in another city like they’re sitting right beside you. Perhaps you’re using your smartphone to run user-tests and a team-mate back at the office is iterating the test designs throughout the day as you report back. Maybe you just need to invite a new team member so they can get up to speed with your thinking so far.

Try inviting a team-mate into Atomic today, we think you’ll find it really useful. Or take a look at our guide for Tips on how to get started with collaborative design in Atomic.

Posted 7 September 2015

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.