Rotterdam Dribbble Meetup

Femke van Schoonhoven


Meeting and talking with our users in person is so rewarding.

Last Thursday I headed down to Rotterdam for the Dribbble + Sketch Meetup, hosted by the guys at Awkward. As a sponsor of the event, it was a pleasure to be able to support the local and growing design community in Rotterdam.

I had the opportunity to chat with a lot of interesting designers – some new to Atomic, and others more familiar. While collecting feedback through online support is useful for our team, getting it first hand from users face to face is invaluable. It was great to get to chat with them about their experience in Atomic, feature requests and see their responses when I hinted at our upcoming Components feature (which generated faces of excitement!).

Something we chatted a lot about was how Atomic fits in the design workflow. Many see the value of using Atomic to prototype ideas, especially early on in the design process.

Those who were more unfamiliar with Atomic had their eyes light up when I shared the power of Atomic’s Collaboration and Mobile Preview features. Being able to quickly prototype and idea, share and collaborate on it with another member of your team and then test it on your mobile phone is invaluable.

Thanks to Brthrs for inviting us down and everyone else who put effort into organizing the event. I’m already looking forward to the next one – hope to see some more of you there!

Posted 22 March 2016

Advanced interactive design & prototyping.