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Create a dynamic search input field

Create a search input field that dynamically updates results based on the input

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Using JavaScript to insert HTML into your prototypes

Add HTML elements to your prototypes

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Send Emails from a prototype

Have an email sent to a user’s inbox

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Anchor Links

Control the scroll position to link to other parts of your page

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Prototype forms with real validation

Build your own realistic sign up form

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Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

A step by step tutorial on adding fully functional radio buttons and checkboxes

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Embedding Media

Embed video, audio, maps, webpages and more into an Atomic prototype, using a simple URL

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Adding live data to your prototypes

Use live data into a prototype

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Prototype a parallax scrolling effect

Learn how to make some elements move faster than others when scrolling, giving the illusion of depth.

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Creating navigation components in Atomic

When you start making modular prototypes in Atomic, one of the first interactive components you’re likely to make is navigation.

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New sample: Dynamic Shopping Cart

Make a dynamic shopping cart prototype using components, data and JavaScript.

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Capture analytics from your prototypes

Track precisely how prototypes perform. Watch event data arrive in real-time. Test and validate design changes.

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Connect Atomic to your favourite code editor with Atomic Assistant

Writing JavaScript in Atomic just got even easier.

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Prototype at scale with the new team library

Work faster and keep your design language consistent with the new Library in Atomic

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10+ updates and improvements

A roundup of 10+ improvements and enhancements to Atomic

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Math and logic made easy in Atomic

Creating powerful calculators, defining complex form logic and designing interactive states and flows has never been this simple, or fun.

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Powerful prototyping with Lists.Design & Atomic

Learn how to populate your prototypes with data from Sheets

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A better experience & more choice for teams

Atomic just got even better for teams


Use variables to bring your prototype to life

See how Variables in Atomic can help you make even more realistic prototypes.


Use data to enrich your prototypes

Bring real data into Atomic and use to prototype faster and more flexibly than ever.


iOS App for Atomic

Preview your prototypes on the go with the new iOS App


Announcing Atomic V2

A massively scalable prototyping platform for teams.

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Using input fields in user testing

How to use input fields in your next prototype.

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Using GIFs with Atomic

Here are three simple ways to use gifs with Atomic

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Using Masks in Animation

Using masks can take your animations to the next level. In this article we show you three examples which can easily be copy into one of your designs.

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Tutorial: Using the Advanced Motion Timeline to create sequenced transitions

If you’re already familiar with Atomic, but want to level up by learning the Advanced Motion Timeline, this tutorial is for you.


Our Sketch Plugin for exporting to Atomic is here

Your Sketch to Atomic workflow just got a whole lot easier. Our new plugin lets you send all or selected artboards straight to Atomic.

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Diversity, community and collaboration – an interview with Azendoo’s Luc Chaissac

From Bordeaux France, Luc Chaissac spends his days as a product designer at Azendoo – a smart workflow and tracking tool for teams.

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Let your designs speak for themselves

When going to battle for our design, we’re missing an opportunity to let our ideas speak for themselves.

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Interview: How Sprout Social use Atomic

Based in Chicago, IL, Justin Siddons works as a product designer currently focused on mobile at social media engagement platform Sprout Social.

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Interview: Michael Cook on Atomic in the classroom

Michael Cook is a teacher, illustrator and designer (among others things!) based in Iowa.

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Bootstrap UI Kit now available in Atomic

To make it even easier to start your next prototype in Atomic, today we’re releasing our Bootstrap UI Kit for Atomic.

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Embracing Creative Challenges

Designer, writer & Atomic user Daniel Schwarz shares his perspective on the value of creative challenges

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Starting a prototype in Atomic has never been faster

Instant multi-page importing is here

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The Art of Openness

Being open to feedback isn’t about facilitating the ‘average’ of everyone’s thoughts.

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Four tips to prototype quickly in Atomic

Sometimes you need to prototype quickly

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Bonjour Atomic, and welcome to Bordeaux!

Luc Chaissac from Azendoo recently held the first Atomic Workshop in Bordeaux.

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7 Tips for Teams using Atomic

Prototyping with your team? Here are 7 tips for using Atomic with your team.

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Prototype faster with icon fonts

How to use icon fonts to prototype faster in Atomic

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Easing into advanced animation

Easing is at that heart of creating smooth, fluid transitions. If you’re creating prototypes that go beyond a basic state change, it’s crucial to understand easing.

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Every prototype is a test

Three simple questions you should ask every time you prototype

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Rotterdam Dribbble Meetup

Our trip down to the Rotterdam dribbble meetup

Nice to meet you

Tips for prototyping smarter

Get more from your prototyping in Atomic

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Keep an eye on our Help Center

Why we keep an eye on the most popular Help Center articles

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February in Product Design Weekly

Catch up on the latest and best of Product Design news from the month of February

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Custom Fonts now in Atomic

You can now upload webfonts to your Atomic Projects

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New: Export pages to PNG

With a single click, you can now download a PNG image of any page in your design.

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What job is design hired to do?

And why the answer keeps changing.

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Introducing Scrolling and Masking in Atomic

Give your fingers a workout by adding scrollable regions to your prototype

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The Past, Present and Future of Design Tools

What lies ahead for design tools?

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New edit & delete comments, showcase and more

New edit & delete comments, showcase and more

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2015: Product Design Year in Review

Catch up on the biggest news in product design this year

Brace thyself

Year in Review 2015

So what did we get up to this year?

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New iOS Kit, duplicate designs and more

New in Atomic

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Prototyping isn’t about hitting home runs

Is prototyping a part of your everyday workflow yet?

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iOS Kit now available in Atomic

To help you explore your ideas more quickly, we’ve put together a library of iOS design components.

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New in Atomic: Device previews

Your mobile and tablet prototypes never looked better

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New smart guides and image previews for shared links

New features, improvements and fixes to Atomic

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Made with Atomic #3

Since releasing Advanced Motion Control, we've seen some great prototypes this month

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New Advanced Motion Control, video tutorial and sample files

Find out what we've been up to during the month of September

What's new

Atomic is out of beta!

10 months. 30,000 users. 400 releases. We're ready to launch.

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Here's to dopey ideas

Great designers know that shared ideas stand the greatest chance

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Advanced Motion Control now in Atomic

New timeline editor lets you fine tune the motion of individual elements

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Designing better, together

Invite people into your Atomic project so they can design along with you

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Tutorial: Creating a basic transition in Atomic

Learn the building blocks of how to create animated prototypes

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Explore new prototype examples

Browse the collection of new sample files and copy them into your own account as building blocks to crafting your own transitions

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Made with Atomic - August '15

A collection of our recent favorite user designed prototypes

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Why we started Atomic

The answer is simple.

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New hotspot visibility toggle, distribution and auto naming of layers

Read what’s new in Atomic and get a sneak peek at upcoming advanced motion control

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New icon fonts, interaction triggers and more

A round up of new features, improvements and fixes

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Showcase: Made with Atomic

A collection of animated transitions created by Atomic users

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Open beta + new ways to collaborate

The fastest way to design beautiful interactions is now available to everyone.

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Klim typefaces in Atomic

I'm pleased to announce ten typefaces from Klim Type Foundry are now available in Atomic.

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How to make an animated prototype in Atomic

Quickly and easily explore magical animated transitions.

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Meet us at Webstock 2015

Come and say hi to us at the annual conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Launching our weekly design newsletter

Our journey so far creating Product Design Weekly.

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Announcing our Private Beta

We founded Atomic because legacy software was holding us back.

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Advanced interactive design & prototyping.